Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WordPress Development in Google Play

One important factor of WordPress is that, there will be always a WordPress expert developer team, who works on providing better versions, for the users. After the WordPress update for Apple iOS7, the android update is also made available by the WordPress company. So what’s new in the WordPress android update?

The New Media Library
This will help you access all the files in your library and add new media to a post or upload photos and videos with a few taps. You can also edit the title, caption or the description of your files.

Enhanced Gallery Support
Use your preferred style to re-order the images and create tiled galleries, without a photo editing software. You can create a new gallery with a single tap and long tap to select various media files.

Theme Browser
Browse, preview and activate themes for your site, from your mobile. Using the themes menu, you can search for new themes for your website. The themes menu will be found in the navigation drawer. Please note that only if you have the admin rights to your site, you can use the theme browser. With all these settings in your mobile, you can work on WordPress development for your site, without the need of a computer.

Native Stats
The renovated stats view is much faster and better than the web based version. With the help of filters in the ActionBar, one can get a glimpse of,
  • The visitors and the views
  • Total number of followers and shares
  • Clicks and referrers
  • SE (search engine) terms
Tap on the ‘view full site’ in the overflow menu and view the full stats site if you need more.

Site Security
With the option to enable the PIN lock in the app settings, one can protect the contents of one’s site. PIN lock is an open source library and you can add the functionality through the app.

WordPress developing companies are trying to create more apps or add more features to this application thereby enhancing the usability of the app by the customers. The next big update to the WordPress android can be soon expected, which would have overcome all the present problems, in this version. The next update is expected to be the native reader for WordPress. There are many companies planning to hire developers for WordPress to create a more customized version of the android update helping them to do more defined works through their mobile devices.


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