Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Go For Oscar - The New Version Of WordPress For Your Website

The New Version Of WordPress For Your Website
WordPress has charmed everyone with its striking features and simplicity. The platform that starts basically for blogging is now considered one of the best platforms for website development all over the world. There are in fact millions of successful websites that are built on WordPress and exhibit an eye-catching look. Now it is the time to have an enhanced WordPress development for your website. This is possible by going for Oscar which is the new version of WordPress.

Oscar is more user-friendly and armored with sharp features to make everything in WordPress development a cakewalk for developers. There are in fact many WordPress companies that are offering services for website development using Oscar to its full potential. The new version is named Oscar after the name of the renowned pianist Oscar Peterson. Before you hire developer for developing a website, it is better to take a glance on the brilliant features of Oscar.

Features of Oscar - WordPress 3.7
Oscar is rich in features that make it an obvious choice of all web developers. It is way ahead of WordPress that merge as a blogging platform in 2003. Some of the bright features of Oscar are mentioned below.
  • Twenty-thirteen theme - This is a brand new theme that allows developers to place their web content against a colorful backdrop of orange and brown. It also offers attractive typography and a sliding search box.
  • Integrated player - The new version rules out the need to depend on any external services for audio or video playing. It comes with an in-built media player for playing media files seamlessly.
  • Enhanced auto-save - With Oscar, the developers can see each and every change easily without any need to save it every time because of the improved auto save feature.
Apart from these, what makes Oscar more approachable for WordPress development is its easy navigation and post revision features. The amount of documentation available over the web has made easy to develop a website all of your own without much technical knowledge. 

Moreover, the benefits of WordPress development are many because of which it is a preferred choice of both website owners and web developers. It is easy to administer the websites and get customization services for WordPress development. Fast update of content and getting a secure website are other benefits of WordPress development. There are many WordPress companies like Apeiront that offer excellent services like WordPress customization, theme design and CMS development for their clients.

Know the Basics of WordPress Website Development

wordpress website development
WordPress is extremely popular nowadays because of the great ease that it offers in website and blog development. What started in 2003 as a mere blogging platform has now turned into a CRM system and is wide appreciated from all corners of the Earth.

As it is open sourced, WordPress development proves economical. The maintenance and installation part of WordPress does not pose any difficulty even for a non-technical user. Most of the beginners even do not hire WordPress developer for cost cutting and does the entire WordPress website development single handily.

This gets possible because of the easy availability of documentation and active support from online community. Many people hire WordPress developer only for customization services and for PSD to WordPress conversion. In such case, it is best to always do hiring from a reputed WordPress company.

However, since knowledge of programmable languages is not a necessity, one can always at least try to build a website using WordPress development. Its good features are motivating throughout the entire process.

Steps of WordPress website development
Here are some of the steps for developing a website using WordPress.
  • First get your objectives clear regarding the website topic
  • Selection of domain name is the second thing to do
  • Choose a reputed web hosting service that offers hosting at affordable rate
  • Get WordPress installed and select an appropriate theme
  • Do the necessary configurations for the specific plugins
  • First complete the pages like privacy or disclaimer
  • Addition of unique content is important
  • Now go for blog commenting or any other method like forum building
For addition of content, hire services of a professional content writer who is well aware of SEO content writing. Many people hire SEO experts as they have many ideas to make your website search engine optimized. There are many tools that you will require for a WordPress website development. Some of them are debugging tools, text editors, plugin tools, theme developer tools, etc.

WordPress website development offers multiple benefits There are many benefits that you avail with a website using WordPress development. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.
  • Easy administration and having a secured website
  • Up-dating content in a hassle free manner
  • Inclusion of several high resolution images
  • Incorporation of shopping carts
Hope, you are now well aware about the basics of WordPress website development. At any stage, you can very well hire WordPress developer to complete the remaining task.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Problems When You Choose Free Plug-Ins Instead Of Hiring Wordpress Experts

Hiring Wordpress Experts

There are many sites that provide free plug-ins for various requirements and many WordPress experts who can be hired, to create a custom plug-in. However, usually people choose free plug-ins due to their lower cost. However, if one does not choose the right site for downloading the plug-ins, it will create more problems than its uses.

What harm can a plug-in do?
Instead of choosing hire WordPress developer team to create a plug-in, people choose free plug-ins on the internet. The plug-ins you choose is the backbone of WordPress. Thus, they play an important role in your site. Without plug-ins, WordPress is a platform with very limited features.

A plugin can malfunction or slow down the site and in the worst case, it can make your site vulnerable to more attacks. The most common problem most of the bloggers experience is the reduction in load speed of the site. In these cases, the site will eventually crash.

Plug-ins from the company site
WordPress company site is very advantageous due to many reasons. However, the problems of choosing a free plug-in are;
  • The plug-ins are out of date and bloated.
  • They might be full of bugs.
  • The security of the plug-in is a big question mark.

Problems with premium plug-ins
Some sites provide premium plug-ins and many surveys have shown that these plug-ins are comparatively less unsecured and bloated. But this does not mean that the premium plug-ins can be used as a substitute for WordPress Plugin developers.

The problem with the premium plug-ins is that the credibility of the site is a question. What if the code of the plug-in has backdoor or other unwanted elements?

Solution for this problem
The best solution is to hire a WordPress developer to create plug-ins required for the business or outsource the project to any WordPress plugin development company. If you still insist on buying plug-ins from the internet instead of buying them from the developers, make sure to choose the best site and know a little more about the plug-in, before buying it like WPress plugin developers who develop the plug-ins for the site, the date of creation, the date of update and other important information.

No matter whether you choose free plugin or hire WordPress developer to create a custom wordpress plug-in, make sure to choose the right source. Surf the internet and find the best company or developer and create plug-ins to make your site more attractive.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WordPress Development in Google Play

One important factor of WordPress is that, there will be always a WordPress expert developer team, who works on providing better versions, for the users. After the WordPress update for Apple iOS7, the android update is also made available by the WordPress company. So what’s new in the WordPress android update?

The New Media Library
This will help you access all the files in your library and add new media to a post or upload photos and videos with a few taps. You can also edit the title, caption or the description of your files.

Enhanced Gallery Support
Use your preferred style to re-order the images and create tiled galleries, without a photo editing software. You can create a new gallery with a single tap and long tap to select various media files.

Theme Browser
Browse, preview and activate themes for your site, from your mobile. Using the themes menu, you can search for new themes for your website. The themes menu will be found in the navigation drawer. Please note that only if you have the admin rights to your site, you can use the theme browser. With all these settings in your mobile, you can work on WordPress development for your site, without the need of a computer.

Native Stats
The renovated stats view is much faster and better than the web based version. With the help of filters in the ActionBar, one can get a glimpse of,
  • The visitors and the views
  • Total number of followers and shares
  • Clicks and referrers
  • SE (search engine) terms
Tap on the ‘view full site’ in the overflow menu and view the full stats site if you need more.

Site Security
With the option to enable the PIN lock in the app settings, one can protect the contents of one’s site. PIN lock is an open source library and you can add the functionality through the app.

WordPress developing companies are trying to create more apps or add more features to this application thereby enhancing the usability of the app by the customers. The next big update to the WordPress android can be soon expected, which would have overcome all the present problems, in this version. The next update is expected to be the native reader for WordPress. There are many companies planning to hire developers for WordPress to create a more customized version of the android update helping them to do more defined works through their mobile devices.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Why Should One Have A Wordpress Security Plugins For A Website?

Do you own a website or a blog developed using WordPress? If yes, then you should be aware of the security attacks on WordPress. As a result of those attacks, there are many WordPress security plugins available online from various companies and developers. What do these plugins do to your website?

Features Of Security Plugins
When you hire WordPress developer to create a security plugin or download one from online, what are the basic features to look for? A WordPress development company may not create one plugin that will help to achieve the requirements. In that, can one can use more than one plugin to tighten the security.

There Are Many Plugin Features To Choose From.

  • Scanning for malware, backdoors and phishing URL
  • Scan for suspicious code, signature and hackers
  • Adding firewall to the site
  • Protect the site using .htaccess
  • Login security
  • Anti comment spam
  • Two factor authorization and many others
There are many plugins that provide all the above said features in one package.

Questions To Be Asked Before Installing A Plugin
There are many professionals who develop a WordPress plugin. Some may seek the help of WordPress development companies to create one. How to find the best plugin? Ask the following questions before installing a plugin.

  • Will the plugin slow down the site performance?
  • Will it support multi-site installations?
  • Can it be updated? If so, how often will the updates be available?
  • Will there be online 24/7 support for the plugin?
  • Can the plugin be disabled?
  • Can it repair the files or just secure the site from future problems?
  • Is it compatible to the current WordPress version or theme used?
  • Will it work with all server configurations?
  • Will it work on BuddyPress sites (if you have any)?

What is its cost? There are many plugins that are introduced by WordPress for free of cost and there are also some advanced plugins created by WordPress plugins Development Company. Compare and choose the one with the best features and reasonable cost.

WordPress security plugins are very essential to safeguard one’s site. It is important to use the best plugins that gives better results without using much of the bandwidth allotted for the site. It is advisable to surf all the available plugins from various developers to choose the one that suits one’s needs, budget, version and theme compatible and effective plugin.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wordpress Is Ready To Enthral You With Its New Version – Oscar

wordpress development, wordpress web development, wordpress development india
WordPress is a popular platform for blogging and web development. As it is pretty easy to use starting from installation to maintenance, many people also hire wordpress developers for customizing the wordpress development according to their specific needs. Now with the new version of WordPress 3.7, this becomes evident that nothing can beat this platform when it comes to user friendliness and razor sharp features. The new version is dubbed by Wordpress as Oscar. The name is so after the name of the famous pianist Oscar Peterson.

Brilliant Features Of Oscar:

The new version has a plethora of new features that are sure to catch your attention soon. You will be delighted to see that wordpress development has come a long way since its inception in the year 2003. Here are some of the features of the new version.
  • Now it is possible to place your content in the backdrop of a colorful design in the new twenty thirteen theme. You will get an enriched experience in blogging with this wordpress development.
  • It is possible to see the changes that happen line by line as revamped version will save every change.
  • If you are working with a group of people on your post, you can relax with the post locking and augmented autosave feature.
  • The most enthralling features of the new Wordpress development is that you no longer will have to depend on external services for playing audio and video files. This is because the latest version is well equipped with an inbuilt HTML 5 media player.
Apart from above these, the new menu editor is much easier to work with and there is also a number of developer features incorporated into Oscar.

Experience The Benefits Of Wordpress Website Development:

As said before, many people are now keen to hire wordpress developers for the service of customization of their wordpress websites. This is because the experience and expertise of these developers translate into higher ranking of your website in the search engine results. There are however many other advantages that are including but not limited to the following ones.
  • Administration of the website becomes easier
  • The addition of numerous images and galleries remain no longer an issue
  • Content can be updated at a fast pace in a hassle-free manner
  • It has become possible to include shopping carts
  • A web site can be made more robust and secure

Thus, you are now well aware of the new wordpress development, its features and the benefits that you will get when you will hire wordpress developers for customization purpose of your website.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Do Wordpress Theme Customization In Easy Steps?

customizing a wordpress theme, wordpress development
WordPress is used by most of the web designers for building eye-catching websites and blogs. Earlier, this was restricted only as a blogging platform. However, wordpress development has come a long way since 2003 and is now creating ripples in the world of web. It is also used as a CMS today by most of the designers. As this comes with default themes and it is possible to download thousands of themes from the web, this is becoming a preferred option for website building by many.

Know About Wordpress Theme Customization:
Before going into the nuances of theme customization, it is important to know the basics first. The core structure of a theme in WordPress consists of a header, footer, sidebar and content. These are all in fact template files with an extension .php. Each wordpress theme has its own set of folders. Moreover, there are only two types of customization that you can do.

These are the following ones -
  • CSS Style Customization
  • PHP Customization
Easy Steps For Wordpress Theme Customization:
It is easy to do wordpress development and its customization by following a set of four simple steps. It is pivotal to acquire knowledge about all the possible short codes before jumping into the actual process of customization all of a sudden. However, it is always recommended to hire wordpress developers to meet your specific business requirements. Only they can do this with their years of expertise in this field. The four steps are the following ones in brief.
  • Select theme for your website - Prepare a website using wordpress development and select a theme. You can always search online for getting your desired theme.
  • Check out the whole structure - It is important to check the selected theme properly. This includes header, sidebar and all. This also includes reading the documentation page of the selected theme. This you can use as a quick guide for yourself in the customization process. Look at the dummy files provided with the chosen theme to get an idea.
  • Edit your content - Now edit each page or post so that only the desired information can be seen by the viewers. Save the changes and look at the finished product.
  • Seek help from wordpress community – Lastly, there are many online groups and forums on wordpress development on Facebook and other social networking sites from where you can seek help.
There are many advantages of customizing a wordpress theme as this allows you to update your content on a regular basis and to administer your website in a convenient way. A little innovation and practice can able you to master this art. However, if you do not possess any knowledge of HTML or PHP then it is best to leave this task for professionals.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wordpress Development - Strengthening Online Opensource Website Creation

Wordpress Development

In the business circle, it makes no matter whether the size of the unit is small or
big, but the most important element is to promote the business wide to wider to capture widen market arena This makes possible with the help of internet or websites. The methodology that you use in your business promotion will have a long term effect in determining the length of the business venture. Now every business unit has chosen ONLINE as business expansion tool to gain maximum market coverage. If you use a website for your promotion purposes, it offers special and technical features, carrying accuracy and wide functionality. This will attract more and more users in your business services and finally will lead to enhancement of sales and productivity. As on date, Wordpress stands as most reliable and easy-to-operate website among all open source CMS in use. It has got to match for the largest number of different website development projects

Web Development
'Web development' stands to mean a large range of activities that assist to develop the web. Categorically, the activities include:
  • To design the Web
  • Web software development likewise a) Web applications b) E-commerce software
  • Server configuration and management of the Web
  • Development of server-side and client-side
Server-Side Website Development
Server-side web development is mainly imparted with programming that affects the server. Multiple languages can be undertaken in this type of development. As of date, the commonly popular languages are ASP.NET, Coldfusion, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Client-Side Website Development
Client-side web development interacts on code that is responsible on what happens within a visitor's browser. It is used to affect the behaviour of a website.

Responsive Wordpress
Responsive wordpress Theme makes suitable your website to mobile devices, the desktop or other viewing tools. It is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that carries 9 Page Templates, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions, 11 Widget Areas and many more. It is most powerful but very simple Options for Social Networking, easy Logo Upload and Webmaster Tools etc.

The Reasons Of Hiring Wordpress Developers
The core reason of hiring Wordpress developers is to take assistance of technical knowledge, if you don’t possess web technical knowledge.

Affordability: If you wish to develop your website, you are to pay all expenditure right from A to Z while WordPress developer quotes lower rates as they cover maximum outlets.

Reliability: Categorically the services from a Wordpress developer are insurmountable. You will be satisfied to see the quality of the functionality and working of your website service.

Easy To Use: WordPress is a simple and easy-to-handle content management system and can be managed by the user if he/she has little knowledge Wordpress developers offer package deal for maintenance, guidance and suggestion.

More Internet Traffic: Wordpress Developers develop technically perfect that attracts an extensive and continuous flow of traffic through the internet.

Real Time Saving: Wordpress developers are seasoned to attend such work hence the performance in developing process curtails real time. WordPress has become a house-to-house choice as a content management system for non-blogging websites.