Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Do Wordpress Theme Customization In Easy Steps?

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WordPress is used by most of the web designers for building eye-catching websites and blogs. Earlier, this was restricted only as a blogging platform. However, wordpress development has come a long way since 2003 and is now creating ripples in the world of web. It is also used as a CMS today by most of the designers. As this comes with default themes and it is possible to download thousands of themes from the web, this is becoming a preferred option for website building by many.

Know About Wordpress Theme Customization:
Before going into the nuances of theme customization, it is important to know the basics first. The core structure of a theme in WordPress consists of a header, footer, sidebar and content. These are all in fact template files with an extension .php. Each wordpress theme has its own set of folders. Moreover, there are only two types of customization that you can do.

These are the following ones -
  • CSS Style Customization
  • PHP Customization
Easy Steps For Wordpress Theme Customization:
It is easy to do wordpress development and its customization by following a set of four simple steps. It is pivotal to acquire knowledge about all the possible short codes before jumping into the actual process of customization all of a sudden. However, it is always recommended to hire wordpress developers to meet your specific business requirements. Only they can do this with their years of expertise in this field. The four steps are the following ones in brief.
  • Select theme for your website - Prepare a website using wordpress development and select a theme. You can always search online for getting your desired theme.
  • Check out the whole structure - It is important to check the selected theme properly. This includes header, sidebar and all. This also includes reading the documentation page of the selected theme. This you can use as a quick guide for yourself in the customization process. Look at the dummy files provided with the chosen theme to get an idea.
  • Edit your content - Now edit each page or post so that only the desired information can be seen by the viewers. Save the changes and look at the finished product.
  • Seek help from wordpress community – Lastly, there are many online groups and forums on wordpress development on Facebook and other social networking sites from where you can seek help.
There are many advantages of customizing a wordpress theme as this allows you to update your content on a regular basis and to administer your website in a convenient way. A little innovation and practice can able you to master this art. However, if you do not possess any knowledge of HTML or PHP then it is best to leave this task for professionals.