Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Problems When You Choose Free Plug-Ins Instead Of Hiring Wordpress Experts

Hiring Wordpress Experts

There are many sites that provide free plug-ins for various requirements and many WordPress experts who can be hired, to create a custom plug-in. However, usually people choose free plug-ins due to their lower cost. However, if one does not choose the right site for downloading the plug-ins, it will create more problems than its uses.

What harm can a plug-in do?
Instead of choosing hire WordPress developer team to create a plug-in, people choose free plug-ins on the internet. The plug-ins you choose is the backbone of WordPress. Thus, they play an important role in your site. Without plug-ins, WordPress is a platform with very limited features.

A plugin can malfunction or slow down the site and in the worst case, it can make your site vulnerable to more attacks. The most common problem most of the bloggers experience is the reduction in load speed of the site. In these cases, the site will eventually crash.

Plug-ins from the company site
WordPress company site is very advantageous due to many reasons. However, the problems of choosing a free plug-in are;
  • The plug-ins are out of date and bloated.
  • They might be full of bugs.
  • The security of the plug-in is a big question mark.

Problems with premium plug-ins
Some sites provide premium plug-ins and many surveys have shown that these plug-ins are comparatively less unsecured and bloated. But this does not mean that the premium plug-ins can be used as a substitute for WordPress Plugin developers.

The problem with the premium plug-ins is that the credibility of the site is a question. What if the code of the plug-in has backdoor or other unwanted elements?

Solution for this problem
The best solution is to hire a WordPress developer to create plug-ins required for the business or outsource the project to any WordPress plugin development company. If you still insist on buying plug-ins from the internet instead of buying them from the developers, make sure to choose the best site and know a little more about the plug-in, before buying it like WPress plugin developers who develop the plug-ins for the site, the date of creation, the date of update and other important information.

No matter whether you choose free plugin or hire WordPress developer to create a custom wordpress plug-in, make sure to choose the right source. Surf the internet and find the best company or developer and create plug-ins to make your site more attractive.


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